puzzling over nature...

puzzling over nature..., originally uploaded by Fotosia.

Saturday evening: Julia, my Warsaw roommate fiddling with the fresh grain of wheat.

This is the third in a series of pictures I took on our little excursion to the countryside this weekend. We went to the ranch house of Julia's parents, some 50 kilometers away from Warsaw. It was a marvellous day! I was horse riding for the first time in my life - and I fell off the horse for the first time too. I also got drunk with one beer - probably because of all this unbelievably fresh air and emotion.

We wondered round the fields and ponds, picking wild strawberries, chasing away mosquitoes, getting scratched, stung by nettles and last but not least, shooting marvellous photos of nature.

You will see more of those pictures in the coming days...

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Great shot.