O! La, la...

Just discovered, how to form frames in Photoshop! It's high time to design my own logo :-P

Photos: 12.07.2005, Namur

Place D'Armes, Namur

Place D'Armes, Namur (2)

Place D'Armes, Namur (3) copy

Place D'Armes, Namur (4) copy

Ps. These frames look actually very kitchy and postcard-like. Is that what I wanted?

Full concentration

Full concentration


A gnome's life

It seems that this one did not like his garden. Or maybe he's in custody?

gnome's life



being a "kid" does not necessarily mean being underage.




Same date, same place. A girl passing by on the street. It takes some courage to make this kind of photos. I'm always afraid of how random people will react if I take shots of them or their kids, so I usually use long lenses for that purpose. But a meeting like this one, eye to eye with my object, really pays off.



First flight

Namur, 11.07.2005

I've never seen anyone as happy as this crazy kid. Would actually prefer joining her instead of taking shots. Fortunately the trampoline was suited only for people younger and smaller than me.

flying (3)

flying (2)

flying (1)