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Sombrero Man from Ukraine

IMG_2760 copy

IMG_2762 copy

Kamieniec Podolski, Ukraine, September 2005.

Here's some more stuff.

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fishing in bad weather

IMG_4802 copy

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Fotosia by photographers... (2)


11.11.2005, on the ruins of a castle somewhere in Poland.
by Ponury Kosiarz

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Fotosia by photographers... (1)

I've been hanging out with photo-obsessed weirdo's lately. They cannot stand having a woman around and not taking shots of her. And I hate being a model cause it makes me feel uncomfortable. Result? We've been playing hide and seek. Like for example here...

11.11.2005, Łęczyca.
shot by Marwit

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"Do not enter - monument"

zabytki kujaw (4)
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Powązki cemetary in Warsaw


Here's the rest.

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picking vegetables in Tum

I went on a photographic trip with some people from Nikon board yesterday. It was all supposed to be about castles and old fortresses, but as some of you might have noticed, wherever I go, what fascinates me most is people. I justy can't help it. Here's the result...

BWIMG_4957 copy

BWIMG_4922 copy

Some more pics at Nikon board.


my grandpa

In Atumn...

It was actually my mum who was shooting. I was just the project manager.

As you can see, my grandpa is a lucky guy. He's got two daughters and two granddaughters - all of us madly in love with him


my life in Warsaw: Ania


I was criticised very heavily for this one, but who would give a damn about technical issues, once they made someone happy? The model liked it - that's what counts!

So... enjoy the blue eyes of Ania "made in Photoshop" ;-)


my life in Warsaw: Vistula at dawn

Wisła o świcie (6)

Wisła o świcie (1)

I must really love photography.


Cause I got up at 4.20 this SATURDAY morning, crammed my bike into the Warsaw underground, got off at Metro Ratusz and rode something like a kilometer ON PEBBLES to meet two complete STRANGERS I talked to on the internet.

We got on one of the bridges across Vistula, the river intersecting Warsaw.

And we've done some serious photography there... It was damn cold but I did not regret for a second. And here's the result!

The rest is available HERE.

Sorry for Polish gibberish ;-)


Ukraine: dried fish

dried fish

Did you know that they eat dried fish over there?

It tastes really good with beer. However, even a month after my trip is finished, there still is a big specimen of ukrainian fish sitting in my cupboard here in Warsaw. I can't get down to eating it... it smells!


Ukraine: sunset in Kamieniec Podolski

Kamieniec Podolski

We spent our first night in Ukraine in the forlorn city of Kamieniec Podolski, not far from the Romanian Border.

Above a view of the orthodox church on top of one of the hills surrounding the city.