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on holiday. Will be back in September.



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ax pisze...

no no, podobasz mi się tu ;) okulary, rude, reka schowana w rekawie, słodko..

fotosia pisze...

O! Kope lat aksiu! :D

kbek pisze...

mrr, uwielbiam to zdjecie :)

fotosia pisze...

:* :* :*

von kubke pisze...

Massive Kissing Project
:* :* :*

fotosia pisze...

Cytat z porannej Fotosi: Oh this guy is such a freak, I love it! [pokladanie sie ze smiechu] He's great, he's just great! Crazy! Zaraz pekne ze smiechu... [smiech przeradza sie w nerwowe chrumkanie] Fotosia spada z krzesla... Johnny spoglada na nia i po chwili namyslu mowi 'He?'

Anonimowy pisze...

Hello Gosia!

Long time no hear. Or maybe I just didn't get your e-mail correct. - So I try this way. I hope you had a nice holiday. We did. We went to Leuven! Me and Lars (boyfriend)- check out the pictures at:


The occation: José wrote to a lot of the old people he was there to defend his theisis (got an "fundamentally outstandig thesis" - bastard! ;o) And he asked his girlfriend to marry him getting a "yes". So I wanted to see him one more time before he left Europe for ever.

LOTS and LOTS of love from Inger in Denmark.

P.s. I whished you could have been there. and I hope you do write: