Gosia´s morning paths...

Misty Langley (12) copy

I always felt kind of guilty for walks-at-dawn round Langley. Instead of wandering round like a ghost, I should have been waking up the students. But there are not many moments in life, when you can afford silence, nature and peace of mind at seven in the morning...


Brussels at dusk

Brussel Noord at dusk (2)

It's time for a series of pics from Brussels, shot on my way back from Germany last week. Dusk and dawn are photographers best friends!

I'm away for two weeks, teaching English to Flemish kids somewhere in Norfolk, so don't expect a lot of pictures nowadays.


New Friend

my new friend

Got off the bus from Germany half an hour ago. With a new love sleeping sound in my backpack. Please meet Mr 350... Mr 350D!


Two Comedians


And that's two fellows performing life on the streets of Gent. Guess what country they come from ;-)


I will matronise you!


And special thanks to Inger - for strenght and for the whole "matronising" thing.


And that's a funny face

I have to admit I'm kind of tired whith this whole kiddo theme. I mean, how many sweet portraits can one shoot !?! Waiting for the new camera to be shipped... :-)