Pico do Arieiro


Huh? What's that? A giant golf ball landed on the surface of Mars?

Nope! It's an observation station on top of Pico do Arieiro. We spent last Christmas in Madeira, a giant mountainous garden emerging from the North Atlantic just 400 km North of the Canary Islands. 

The views are breathtaking, especially at sunset. And we've seen a lot of those, having eased into a slow lifestyle of lunchtime breakfasts and afternoon walks. At 1818 m. above sea level this peak offers a breathtaking view of the island shrouded by fluffy, pink clouds. Beautiful but also deceitful: if you linger watching the sunset, you may expect a long and slow journey home, along hair-raising mountainous crevices, down unnerving hairpin turns. 

Oh, and the road is super narrow, and it's all happening in very dense fog. Ah, they joys of travelling! :)       

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