El Teide

El Teide by Fotosia
El Teide, a photo by Fotosia on Flickr.

Huh? Where is this? Arizona? Mexico? Peru?

Nothing of this kind my friend! What you see is El Teide, the highest volcano in Tenerife and the Spanish archipelago of Canary Islands.

Tenerife has a population of just under a million, but attracts five million visitors every year. The south is dotted with five star hotels, concrete swimming pools, and beaches of imported golden sand. But the north of the island is a hidden gem of pine forests, volcanic rock, banana plantations and amazing cliff tops. Mountainous villages remind you of Mexican Pueblos, the northern cliff tops of Cornwall, and the pine forests, especially when immersed in a cloud of mist, of B-class horror movies - those with a wooden chalet and demons in the basement.

Tenerife is amazing, provided that you ditch your flip flops and the guided bus tour, and invest in a nice pair of hiking boots and a map. This is what we've done last Christmas, and had a fabulous time!

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