In case you were wondering, who the hell would be brave enough to visit Poland in the middle of a frosty winter - here comes the brave adventurer - Iris!

She made her appearance in Warsaw only for two days, but it was great fun anyway. Regrettably, weather conditions made you shudder, so I did not grab a camera until we reached the comforting warmth of a coffee shop, and I took off my gloves to reach for this chocolate beauty;

Like real travelers and intellectuals (ha, ha!), we spend half of our time together in the comforting warmth of a shopping mall, in the center of Warsaw. And we weren't window shopping at all... this guy even got himself a haircut!

To show that we did have a stroll in the outside world, here comes a real polish duck. Due to traffic congestion in Warsaw, eating these creatures is not recommended. You might feed them crumbs of bread instead.

And how did this girl like the whole trip? I won't tell you. You can check it out yourself.

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