my life in Warsaw: Vistula at dawn

Wisła o świcie (6)

Wisła o świcie (1)

I must really love photography.


Cause I got up at 4.20 this SATURDAY morning, crammed my bike into the Warsaw underground, got off at Metro Ratusz and rode something like a kilometer ON PEBBLES to meet two complete STRANGERS I talked to on the internet.

We got on one of the bridges across Vistula, the river intersecting Warsaw.

And we've done some serious photography there... It was damn cold but I did not regret for a second. And here's the result!

The rest is available HERE.

Sorry for Polish gibberish ;-)

6 komentarzy:

gocbar pisze...

Lubie takich wariatow, ktorych o mroznym swicie zrywa cos z cieplutkiego lozeczka ... Moja krew ...

chaos pisze...

fajna strona, swietne zdjecia z rumunii, inne tez bardzo mi sie podobaja ...


transience pisze...

that light is wonderful.

Caroline pisze...

I admire both your work and your dedication to it.

I've had a longstanding ambition to travel all around the UK taking dusk and dawn pictures but it has yet to manifest.

Shekhar pisze...

Really adorable pics. I also checked out the ones that you've posted on the Nikon page, although, of course, couldn't understand one word of Polish. (All I could recognise was a 'hihi' written next to a pic of yours, probably in response to someone's comment.)

The pics are beautiful. In fact, they reminded me of home!! Back in Calcutta (the state capital of West Bengal), there's this bridge named after a great intellectual which looks a bit similar to the bridge in the pictures that you've posted. I'll send you some pics and you'll see the similarity.

Keep up the hard work, 'coz the results are awesome, as we all can see. :)

P.S. What's the name of the bridge in your pics?

Anonimowy pisze...

Swietokrzyski Bridge?